Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Korkers & Mini Korkers

Full Korker bows are 3-3 1/2" in diameter.
Mini Korker Pig-tail toppers are approx. 3" wide.

You can choose up to 4 colors from the colors listed below.

The color combinations are only ideas, don't be afraid to mix & match to get the perfect look!!

Price: One 3" Korker for $6.00 or a set of 2 for $11.00
Mini-korkers: A set of 2 for $6.50


(Hot Pink Swiss Dots, White, & Light Pink)

(Red Stripe, Red, & White)

(Orchid, Lavender, & Purple Swiss Fun)

(Hot Pink Swiss Dots, Celadon Swiss Dots, Hot Pink, and White)

(Black Swiss Dots, Light Pink, & White)

(Brown Swiss Dots, Hot Pink Swiss Dots, Hot Pink, & Creamcicle)

(Robin's Egg, Hot Pink Saddle Stitch, & Shocking Pink)

Polka Dot Princess
(Pink & Green Swiss Fun, Shocking Pink, & Green Apple Swiss Dots)

(Red Stripes, Navy Swiss Dots, Red Saddle Stitch, White)

(Red Ladybug, Black, & Red)

Saydi's Summer
(Yellow, Pink Flowers, Light Pink Swiss Dots, & Yellow Swiss Dots)

(Orange Swiss Dots, Orange Flowers, Orange, & White)

Summer Fun
Turquoise Swiss Dots, Hot Pink, Orchid Swiss Dots, Turquoise)

(White with Pink Swiss Dots, Baby Pink Saddle Stitch, Robin's Egg, & White)

(Brown with Pink Swiss Dots, Light Pink, & White with Pink Swiss Dots)

Seeing Spots
(White with Black Swiss Dots, Black, & White)

Madison Avenue
(Madison Avenue, & Brown)

Berry Patch
(Lemongrass Swiss Dots, Raspberry Lime Saddle Stitch, Lemongrass, and Shocking Pink)

Think Spring
(Banana Cream, Light Pink, Robin's Egg, White)

Animal Party
(Zebra, Black, White, & Shocking Pink)

Red Gingham Combo
(Red Gingham, Red, & White)

Green Gingham Combo
(Green Gingham, Green, & White)

Orange Gingham Combo
(Orange Gingham, White, & Orange)

Purple Gingham Combo
(White, Purple Gingham, & Orchid)

Dizzy Dots
(Light Pink, Retro Dots, & Brown)

Hot Pop Pink
(Hot Pink, Hot Pink Saddle Stitch, & White)

Lazy Days
(Light Pink Swiss Dots, Celadon Swiss Dots, & White with Pink Swiss Dots)

Sunshine and Blues
(Yellow Swiss Dots, Light Navy, & Yellow)